Session 1: Materials for Vibroacoustics
Topics: covers modeling and measurements methods for noise control materials (foams, fibers, damping) and structures with attached noise control materials under various types of excitations – both academic and industrial applications

Organizers: Noureddine Atalla (Sherbrooke, CAN), Mohamed-Ali Hamdi (UTC, FR)

Session 2: Materials Dynamics
Topics: Mathematical Analysis of multifunctional Materials, Smart Polymer and nanocomposites behavior, Constitutive behavior for dynamic applications: composition/structure/property relations, coupled field behaviors, micromechanics models, multiscale models, Material development and dynamic characterization, Multifunctional composite materials, nano-structured composite materials

Organizers: Morvan Ouisse (FEMTO-ST,FR), Makrem Arfaoui (ENIT,TN)

Session 3: Nonlinear Vibrations
Topics: Nonlinear vibrations of structures, Multi-stable composites, Morphing structures, Multi-harmonic resonance, Non linear Energy Harvester and their dynamics

Organizers: Rhali Benamar  (EMI, MA), Bilal Harras (FST Fes, MA)

Session 4: Non-linear System Dynamics
Topics: Nonlinear vibration and acoustics, Identification of nonlinear systems,  Asymptotic methods in nonlinear dynamics, Bifurcations and chaos in mechanical/mechatronical systems, Nonlinear dynamics of MEMS / NEMS, Fast and slow dynamics

Organizers: Mohamed Belhaq (FSAC, MA), Joel Perret-Liaudet (ECL,FR)

Session 5: Smart Materials, Smart Structures and Metacomposites
Topics: Active noise/vibration Control, Energy Harvesting and Scavenging, Passive and Active Vibration Isolation Systems, Magneto Rheological Systems, SMA- and Piezo-based Materials and Systems, Micro and Nano Integrated Systems, Morphing systems, SHM, Modeling, Simulation, Optimization, Signal Processing, Control, and Design of Integrated Vibro acoustic Systems

Organizers: Jan Holnicki (IPPT, POL), Stephan Rinderknecht (TUD, DE), Manuel Collet (FEMTO-ST, FR), Hervé Lissek (EPFL, CH)

Session 6: Robust Design under lack of knowledge
Topics: Robust design, Reliability, Lack of knowledge, Uncertainty quantification

Organizer: Scott Cogan (FEMTO-ST, FR)

Session 7: Reduced Order Models in Structural Dynamics and Vibroacoustics
Topics: Structural Dynamics, Structural Acoustics, Reduced Order Models, Non-Linearities, Linear Normal Modes, Ritz-Galerkin, Projection, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, Karhunen–Loève Decomposition

Organizers: Jean-François Deü (CNAM, FR), Rubens Sampaio (PUC,BRA)

Session 8: Dynamics of Machines and Rotating Machinery

Topics: Dynamics of bearings and seals (fluid film, rolling elements, and magnetic bearings), Parametric and self-excitation in rotating machinery, Cracked rotors (modeling, identification, monitoring), Condition monitoring, diagnostics, signal processing, Vibration control, Blade and bladed disc dynamics, Life prediction of rotating machinery, Torsional vibrations and geared systems dynamics, Modal analysis of rotating systems, Computer modeling and parameter identification,  Rotor dynamics of micro machinery.

Organizers: Régis Dufour (INSA, FR),  Jarir Mahfoud (INSA, FR), Mohamed Haddar (ENIS, TN), Fakher Chaari (ENIS, TN)

Session 9: Vibration Field Measurements and Force Identification
Topics: acoustic holography, optic holoraphy, high-speed camera, array of sensors, beamforming, vibration field reconstruction, force identification
Organizer: Charles Pézerat (LAUM, FR)

Session 10: Friction Noise
Topics: friction noise, stick-slip, contact instability, shock, tyre-road contact, wiper-windscreen contact, joint, crack noise, squeal noise, squeak noise, break squeal

Organizers: Alain Le Bot (LTDS, FR)

Session 11: Flow Induced Vibrations and Noise
Topics: behavior of fluid-structure interaction, flutter instability, bucking instability, critical flow velocity, control of flow induced vibration, vortex-induced vibration, aero-noise, flow-noise, aero-noise control, flow-noise control, aero-damping

Organizers: Lin Li (SJP, CN), Sergio Da Rosa (UNINA, IT) 

Session 12: Computational Methods in Vibroacoustics and Mid-Frequency
Topics: Mid-Frequency vibro-acoustic analysis, Wave Based Method, hybrid coupling, multiple scattering, covers energy based methods for mid-high frequencies, SEA, Energy flow analysis, non deterministic methods, sub-structuring issues, damping, stiff and flexible structures.

Organizers: Wim Desmet (KUL, BE), Mohamed Ichchou (ECL, FR), Bernard Troclet (LMT, FR)

Session 13 : PDEs of Multiphysic Dynamic Systems 

Topics : Multiphysics PDEs, multimodel, multirate, multiscale, implicit and explicit algorithms, strong and weak coupling, loose and tight coupling, nonlinear PDEs and their dynamics

Organizer : Abdelmalek Zine (ICJ, FR), Alexandre Kawano (USP, BRA)

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