Honorary Chairs

Daniel Juvé (Professor Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

Professor at Ecole Centrale de Lyon , head of the Centre Acoustique and head of the excellency laboratory on Acoustics (CeLyA) . Research interests concern: generation of sound by turbulent flows; subsonic and supersonic jets; grazing flows over cavities; wall-pressure fluctuations and Propagation of acoustic waves in non homogeneous and random moving media; micrometeorological effects in atmospheric sound propagation. Prof D. Juvé was awarded Chavasse Prize of the French Acoustical Society (1990) Great Prize Alexandre Joannidès of the French Academy of Sciences (2001, together with Christophe Bailly), fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (1998), associate fellow in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA, 2009), member of the French Acoustical Society (SFA), of the French Association for Aeronautics and Space (AAAF), of the French Society of Mechanics (AFM). He is editor of the Journal of Sound and Vibration (Acoustics) and the International Journal of Aeroacoustics. He is member of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS- ASC), Evaluation and Orientation Committee of Department DSNA of Onera, Management Committee of the French Network on Aeroacoustics IROQUA and Scientific Committee of the French Research Foundation for Aeronautics and Space (FRAE).

Anders Nilsson (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

Anders Nilsson holds MSc in Engineering Physics from University of Lund, Sweden and Dr.Tech. in Sound and Vibration from Chalmers University. Anders Nilsson has worked on problems relating to the propagation of sonic booms at Boeing Co., Seattle , USA. At Det Norske Veritas he became head of the Acoustics Department at the Research Division. At Veritas Anders Nilsson worked on the propagation of structure borne sound in large built up structures like ships and on the excitation of plates from flow and cavitation. Anders Nilsson was head of the Danish Acoustical Institute for four years. His main activity in Denmark was building acoustics. In 1987 Anders Nilsson was appointed professor of Applied Acoustics at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. He was also the head of the Department of Vehicle Engineering and the founder and head, until 2002, of the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research (MWL).  Anders Nilsson has been a guest professor at James Cook University, Australia, INSA-Lyon, France and the Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. He is the author of the book Vibro-Acoustics, the first volume published in 2012 and the second in early 2013.  Anders Nilsson is since 2008 professor emeritus at MWL, KTH. His main interests are problems relating to composite structures as well as vehicle acoustics.


Roger Ohayon (Emeritus Professor CNAM, Paris)

Roger Ohayon is emeritus professor with the structural mechanics and coupled systems laboratory that he chaired for 20 years.  He started his career in Onera in 1970 and became scientific deputy of the structure in 1991. His expertise domains concern computational mechanics, structural dynamics and vibrations, fluid-structure interaction and intelligent adaptive structures and systems. He obtained many medals and distinctions as the French Academic Palms and EADS, ECCOMAS, IACM and ASME awards. He was member of France Academy of Sciences and Brazil nat. Eng. Acad., and was AIAA, AAAF, IACM and ASME fellow.
He published more than 3 books and 120 papers, and participated in organizing committees of many international conferences of computational mechanics and smart structures.


Jing Tian (President of Acoustical Society of China)

  Professor TIAN Jing, president of Chinese Society of Acoustics; Honorary fellow of International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV); Executive Editor in Chief for Acta Acustica, Director member of Technical Committee of National Acoustical Standardization.

Graduated from the Department of Physics of Nanjing University majored in acoustics on February 1982, then he got his Master’s degree in 1984 and his Ph.D. from Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS) on December 1991. As a researcher on electro-acoustic and noise control for more than 30 years, Prof. Tian has been the principal investigator for 40 research projects supported by various funding bodies including National Ministry of S&T, National Natural Science Foundation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and other organizations. The research covers several areas of acoustics: active noise and vibration control, electronic anti-noise communication devices, audio characteristic signal control, acoustical MEMS, transmission and evaluation of traffic noise and applications of finite amplitude sound wave.

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